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Hmedicine Introduces Poison Ivy Soap

Posted by Sanjib Sarkar on Tue, Sep 14, 2010 @ 02:38 PM
poison ivy soap

Hmedicine introduces poison ivy soap to their product line.  This poison ivy soap is manufactured by the poison ivy soap company.  The poison ivy soap company produces a remarkable soap which helps get rid of poison ivy rashes. 

Poison ivy is pretty difficult to avoid.  It is always around us.  More than 50% of people have an allergy to poison ivy.  Wearing long sleeve shirts and pants help make catching poison ivy difficult.  However, poison ivy can easily reach your body even if you are trying to avoid it. 

Urishol is what causes the poison ivy rash.  This is an invisible oil that gets on your skin which causes the rash.  This rash can cause itching and redness in your skin.  The poison ivy soap can be used to wash off the rash.  If the rash is all over the body, a total shower with the soap maybe required.  Many outdoor professionals who are exposed to poison ivy all day long simply use this soap to wash their body once they are done.  

Poison ivy soap makes a great compliment to our current inventory of poison ivy products.  Some other poison ivy remedies include poison ivy pills, poison ivy lotion and poison ivy ointments. 

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