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Poison Ivy Combo Pack Added To Site

Posted by Sanjib Sarkar on Mon, Sep 27, 2010 @ 11:49 PM

poison ivy combo pack

We have introduced a poison ivy combo pack to our website.  This poison ivy pack has two of the most popular hmedicine products.  The pack contains poison ivy soap and poison ivy pills.

Poison ivy is a rash that is easy to catch.  Most people do try their best to avoid it. However, poison ivy is everywhere.  The products in our combo pack help give you the tools to deal with poison ivy.

The poison ivy soap has proved to be popular with our customer base.  This soap has been used to help stop poison ivy outbreaks.  This soap removes the urishol from your skin.  Urishol is an invisible oil in the poison ivy plant.  After the urishol is removed, the rash stops. 

The most popular product that we carry is the poison ivy pills.  These pills contain rhus tox in a 4X potency which is basically poison ivy diluted in water.  Homeopathy believes if you give a diluted substance of a disease, the body will fight it off.  These pills should be taken immediately at the start of a poison ivy outbreak.  The pills can also be taken as a way to prevent poison ivy outbreaks from occurring.  

We saw many customers buying both products seperately.  The products are very complimentary so making a combo pack was ideal.   

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