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Homeopet First Aid Added To Our Inventory

Posted by Sanjib Sarkar on Tue, Oct 12, 2010 @ 04:09 PM

homeopet first aid

We are introducing the newest homeopet product to our inventory.  Pets are very active.  They can be found playing, running and just enjoying other people.  However, pets from time to time injury themselves.  This is why homeopet first aid was created.

Hmedicine has carried a wide range of pet products but we never have had any items to treat pet cuts, bites, injuries, burns and other typical first aid injuries.  This medicine can be used for a wide range of pets.  Appropriate dosage depends on the size of the pet.  Dosage: 1-20 lbs/ 5 drops 3 times daily 21-60 lbs / 10 drops 3 times daily 61-100 lbs / 15 drops 3 times daily Over 100 lbs/ 20 drops 3 times daily Pet Under 1 lb, 2 drops in water 3 times daily. Birds: Add 2 drops to at least 8 oz. of drinking water daily. 

This medicine comes in a 15ml size.  This item contains the following homeopathic remedies to help with injuries.  The active remedies are belladonna, hepar sulphuris calcareum, hypericum perforatum, staphysagria 6C and 30C.  The medicine contain 20% alcohol in purified water. 

The medicine can given to pets either in their water or dropped into the food. This makes it very easy to give pets their needed medical dosage for their injury. 

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