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Homeopathy Links Blog from Jan 17th -25th

Posted by Sanjib Sarkar on Sat, Jan 24, 2009 @ 10:04 PM

  New articles on our homeopathic links blog.  Vote for your favorite links and homeopathy news.

Government's chief scientific advisor backed on homeopathy - Healthcare Republic News 

 Chief Scientific Advisor recommends more testing with homeopathic medicine and remedies.

HOMEOPATHY-a new approach: The launch of its New and Revamped website  

  Relaunch of homeopathy website with great content and information. 

Citizendium- Providing a Better Definition and Article on Homeopathy « Official Homeopathy Resource

An alternative to the definition of Wikipedia homeopathy

Homeopathy for Headaches

Homeopathy remedies for headaches.

Vote Health Freedom, Homeopathic Research and Development for the New Era

This article shows trends with homeopathy.

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