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Providing Unique Relief Care To Haiti

Posted by Sanjib Sarkar on Thu, Jan 28, 2010 @ 11:01 AM

Tags: Haiti Earthquake Relief

  A terrible earthquake had struck Haiti.  The earthquake measured on the richter scale 7.0.  After shocks are continuing to measure 4.3 and upwards on the richter scale.  This earthquake has left 100,000+ of people died.  Many more people are homeless, without food or water and proper medical care.  There are many relief agencies helping.  However, relief will take some time.  We are going to list some of the agencies helping and what they do 

  Homeopaths without borders helps with medications to orphanages and instructs caregivers on how to give homeopathic medications into Haiti. These medications will be much easier to bring in and distribute than conventional medicines.  Homeopaths without borders has worked in other countries providing healthcare for the poor.  Once the security situation improves in Haiti, they will make a trip.

  Another agency helping is Doctors without borders.  These are doctors and nurses across 60 countries helping people in need of castrophe medical care.  Two weeks after the earthquake, the needs of this organization are changing.  Post operative care is needed more to prevent infection.  If minor wounds go untreated, they could become fatal.  Less amputation and emergency care is being done now.  Mental health care is now available to people so they can deal with this tragedy.     

  Other agencies included the Red Cross, Unicef and Samaritan Purses. The Haiti infrastructure is terrible.  Trying to get help to the people of Haiti is very difficult.   There is really no distribution system or security system in place in this country.  However, all of these agencies are trying their best to help the people of Haiti.

  If you know some other organizations helping in Haiti, list them in the comment section.

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