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Homeopathic Trials with ADHD

Posted by Sanjib Sarkar on Fri, Jan 23, 2009 @ 02:07 PM

Tags: Homeopathic Trials ADHD, Homeopathy for ADHD

  ADHD is the abbreviated term for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.  This neurological disorder happens in children.  Boys are more than twice as liking to have ADHD than girls.  ADHD may continue on into child hood.  In this disorder, children seemed to not be able to concentrate for any period of time.  Children may also be impulsive and extremely hyper as well.  Hyperactivity may not be present in all children with ADHD.

  In this article, we will examine a couple of small trials with homeopathy in treating ADHD.   This first trial was published in the July 27, 2005 online edition of the European Journal of Pediatrics. The trial was conducted with 62 children diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).  . The study involved three phases. First children were treated with an individualized homeopathic remedy for their condition.  Only the children with 50% improvement on the  ADHD rating scale were included in the second phase of the study, a crossover trial with a placebo group. Upon completion of the cross over phase, the children were then treated again with their homeopathic medicine in an open label phase.

  The homeopathic remedies used during treatment were Calc carb , Sulphur , Chamomilla , Lycopodium , Silicea , Hepar sulph , Nux vomica, China , Ignatia , and Mercurius. Each of the following were used in one case only: Capsicum, Causticum, Hyoscyamus, Phosphorus, Phosphoric acid, Sepia, and Staphysagria.  Progress was accessed monthly with parents.

  The results after one year of the study showed that the children taking the homeopathic remedies showed improvement in the second phase while children given the placebo showed no improvement.   Children on the homeopathic treatment continued to show improvement in the cross over phase. After the children given the placebo were allowed to return back to homeopathic medicine, they continue to show improvement.  Researchers concluded homeopathy may help with ADHD but larger trials are needed.

  The second trial was a bit larger.  There were 4 trials that totaled 162 participants.  The homeopathic medicine was individualized for each child with ADHD.  Control groups were set up.   Children were either assigned into a homeopathic group or a control group.  After all the data was gathered, the researchers conclude that homeopathy does not seem to treat ADHD effectively.  Researchers noted that further research should be rigorous and optimal.

  The following trials showed that children with ADHD may be helped with homeopathy but the evidence is far from conclusive.  One small trial of 67 children showed evidence of homeopathy working.  A larger trial with 167 participants showed no evidence of homeopathic medicines working on ADHD.


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