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Interesting Homeopathic Links of the Week of August 4th-8th

Posted by Sanjib Sarkar on Fri, Aug 08, 2008 @ 05:48 PM

Tags: homeopathy links, Homeopathy, Homeopathic Cures

Here is a list of interesting Homeopathic links in this week.

Interesting link about the reduction of Homeopathy prescriptions in England.

Homeopathy Prescriptions Reduction in England: The True Story.

The article talks about homeopathy in England is not really in dire straights as the media want people to believe. Homeopathy seems to be growing but many people are getting their prescriptions from places other than pharmacies.

Homeopathic Cures Treats Symptoms As An Imbalance

The article talks about Homeopathy as a system of medicine that tries to bring the body back into balance. Homeopathy assumes that body is out of balance. The homeopathic remedies are suppose to help the body bring everything back into balance. Homeopathy treats the whole person not just the symptoms.

Top Homeopathic Blogs

A listing of the top homeopathic blogs. Our company was thrilled to be on the list. This is a great list of places to get more information on Homeopathy and alternative type medicines.

Could water have a memory

This article takes about scientific research on homeopathic medicines. There is still no proof on the scientific evidence on Homeopathy.

Liddell Laboratories sends open letter to consumer reports

This article is about consumer reports recent report on Homeopathy. Consumer reports states that the research they found shows no evidence in Homeopathy ever working for any conditions. This is a rebuttal to that consumer report.

Authors Commentary.

Interesting rebuttal article for Liddell laboratories with quite a few homeopathic trials. Misinformation on Homeopathy is being epedemic. Many homeopaths are even afraid of well conducted trials since they believe so many trials have become negative. There are plenty of negative trials on Homepathy but there are also plenty of positive trials. Homeopathy trials are a mixed bag. Larger well conducted trials are also a mixed bag. Another misconception seems that larger trials always yields negative results. This does not seem to be the case everytime either.

Send us your interesting links.

If you find some interesting links or a good place to get interesting links on Homeopathy, please put them in the comments section. We may them on your next issue of interesting homeopathic links.

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