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Homeopathy Links of The Week Ending 09-14-08

Posted by Sanjib Sarkar on Sun, Sep 14, 2008 @ 03:28 AM

Tags: homeopathy links, alternative medicine

Links of the Week 09-13-08

Homeopath To Her Majesty

  Dr. David Fischer, the homeopath to the queen of England, is coming to Australia to show evidence that homeopathy is an effective form of alternative medicine.  He is going to Australia to show doctors how effective homeopathy is with clinical trial evidence.

Actress Jane Seymour Finds Inspiration

   This article talks about Jane Seymour's new book Open Heart.  It talks about her new love of painting and helping people with live threatening illnesses.  Jane is a big advocate of alternative medicine.  She has seen amazing things with homeopathy and used acupuncture herself.  She believes alternative medicine combined with western medicine responsibly can be the best medical combination.

Homeopathy: Treatment by wishful thinking

  The commentary here is about homeopathy works by wishful thinking.  Regardless of this, homeopathy seems to be growing.  Since homeopathy has no real side effects, the FDA does not really monitor homeopathic medicine other than the labeling.

Who uses alternative medicine and for what 

  This story talks about what people use alternative medicine for.  It also tells how many males uses alternative medicines compared to females.  The number one use of alternative medicine was back pain. 

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