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Homeopathy on Google Insights

Posted by Sanjib Sarkar on Thu, Jan 15, 2009 @ 11:25 AM

Tags: Homeopathy, Google Insights on Homeopathy

  One of our previous blog articles examined Google Trends.  Google Trends basically show searches on Google.  The trend seem to show homeopathy searches were getting to be fewer and fewer. 

  Google Insights is another neat tool that shows more information than just the Google Trends. Google Insights shows which country has the most searches, what are the most popular searches as of now and what would be the popular searches in the future.

  I tested Google insights with the word Homeopathy.     Google insights shows us the regional interests for our keyword, top searches and rising searches.

  The example of Homeopathy is below:

  Regional Interests For Homeopathy

1.       India     
2.     Pakistan    
3.     Bangladesh    
4.     New Zealand    
5.     South Africa    
6.     Ireland    
7.     United Kingdom    
8.     United Arab Emirates    
9.     Oman    
10.    Canada    

  India is the country where there is the most searches on homeopathy.  New Zealand was a surprise to me.  I did not know that there was that much interest in homeopathy in New Zealand.     

  These are the current most popular searches on homeopathy.

 1.    homeopathic     
2.     homeopathy medicine     
3.     homeopathy treatment     
4.     the homeopathy     
5.     homeopathy remedies     
6.     homeopathy remedy     
7.     what is homeopathy     
8.     homeopathy college     
9.     homeopath     
10.    abc homeopathy    

  Here are the searches that rising.  We can expect to see more of these searches in the future.

 Rising searches
1.     wiki homeopathy     Breakout
2.     lancet homeopathy     Breakout
3.     homeopathy wikipedia     Breakout
4.     define homeopathy     Breakout
5.     dr batra homeopathy     +80%
6.     homeopathy forum     +50%
7.     homeopathy for children     +50%
8.     aconite     +40% 

  Suprisingly even though people are searching less for homeopathy, homeopathy forum is gaining ground as more people search for this term.  Homeopathy for children is also becoming an extremely popular term. Aconite is a homeopathic remedy sometimes used to treat fever which also shows up high on the rising searches.

  In conclusion, the Google inisights tool show some interesting things about homeopathy.  It shows homeopathy specific terms are rising in the search engines.  It also shows homeopathy usage is in a wide range of countries.  

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