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Tylenol Has Been Recalled

Posted by Sanjib Sarkar on Thu, May 27, 2010 @ 10:47 PM

Tags: tylenol recalled, mcneil recall

  Many children Tylenol products have been recalled recently.  These products include Children's TYLENOL, Infants' TYLENOL, Children's MOTRIN, Infants' MOTRIN, Children’s ZYRTEC and  Children’s BENADRYL.  All these products are by McNeil pharmaceuticals.  They have a website dedicated to the recall.  There is a website called  They have information on how to return these medicines for a full refund.  You are not to use these medicines for consumption.

  The FDA inspected McNeil pharmaceuticals.  Upon inspection, the FDA found many issues with the way that the medicine was manufactured.  They did not meet the requirements for consumer safety.  The FDA warning letter  shows all the infractions.  They showed McNeil having poor quality control and possible contaminates into the medicines. These is simply a warning letter.

   A  homeopathy manufacturer was also warned by the FDA for having poor quality control.  Washington Homeopathic Products received a FDA warning letter in August 2009.  The FDA letters seem to be pretty similar for most violators. FDA does come down much harder on the second infraction.  If manufacturers do not start making significant changes after the first inspection, the FDA comes with the warning letter.  Most companies comply once the warning letter is received.  Washington Homeopathic has complied with all FDA requests.  McNeil pharmaceuticals is also making changes to make the FDA happy.  However, neither of these companies fixed their issues on the first inspections. I am really not sure why companies are not meeting the FDA initial requests.


Homeopathic Treatment For Kidney Stones

Posted by Sanjib Sarkar on Fri, May 21, 2010 @ 04:13 PM

Tags: homeopathy for kidney stones

  Kidney Stones are a common problem today.  Kidney stones are formed by a formation of crystal.  Causes of some kidney stones are largely unknown.  However, some hereditary and environmental factors are likely the cause of kidney stones.  Kidney disorders and urinary tract infections are also likely to cause kidney stones.  Other possible causes include disorder of uric acid metabolism, gout, excess intake of vitamin D and calcium based antacids.

  Kidney stones symptoms include difficult urination, sharp acute pain in the kidney and abdomen region and possible nausea and vomiting.  Most kidney stones will pass by drinking plenty of water. You should always go to your doctor to make sure that you have a small kidney stone.  Your doctor will also try to determine the possible cause of the kidney stone.  If the stone is too large, doctors may use ultrasound to break up the stone.  

  Persons with kidney stones should drink 2 to 3 quarts of water per day. This will help the stone pass.  Some homeopathic treatments to help with small stones include mag phos 6X and cantharis 30C.  Mag Phos helps with the sharp acute pain of the stone.  Cantharis helps with the burning pain of urination.  Make sure to drink plenty of water while taking these remedies.

  Talk to your medical doctor about why the kidney stones are forming.  Most kidney stones do reoccur.  You and your medical doctor should develop a strategy on stopping reoccuring stones.  Drinking plenty of water helps stones from reoccuring. 

 Thanks to Dr. Mittal with the solution to the homeopathic treatment of kidney stones. 

5 Homeopathy Blogs Worth Reading

Posted by Sanjib Sarkar on Tue, May 18, 2010 @ 03:16 PM

Tags: Homeopathy blogs

Top 5 Homeopathy Blogs That Are Out There


  We based this criteria on how much useful information that the blogs contain, how active they are and how many comments do they receive.

1)   Dana Ulman's Blog on the Huffington Post

   Interesting blog posts on homeopathy.  Many comments from supporters and skeptics.  Recent blog posts include Lies, Damn Lies and Medical Research, How Scientific Is Modern Medicine Really?
Do Antibiotics Make People Fat?

2)  Homeopathy For Everyone

  This blog is set up more like a magazine.  However, there are many interesting posts with this website.  Recent blog posts includes a homeopathic facial analysis.

3) Natural News

  This blog is set up for alternative medicines and natural health.  However, this blog contains quite a bit of information and news on homeopathy.

4)  Homeopathy Health Care Blog

  Homeopathy blogs that describes homeopathic remedies for various ailments.  The lastest blog entries are common homeopathic remedies for constipation, homeopathic remedies for hypothyroidism and homeopathic remedies for hair loss.

5)  Homeopathy Coach Blog

  This is a blog based by a homeopath in Australia.  Her blog posts are interesting and helpful.  Lastest blog posts include can you simply choose health, a new approach to asthma with homeopathy and diet and treating insomnia with homeopathy.  

  Do you already subscribe to these blogs?  Which blogs are your favorite? 

Homeopathic Critic Simon Singh Wins Lawsuit

Posted by Sanjib Sarkar on Fri, May 07, 2010 @ 12:35 AM

Tags: alternative care lawsuits, homoepathic critic

  Homeopathy critic and alternative medicine critic Simon Singh wins the libel law suit against him in English courts.  The British Chiropractic Association(BCA) was suing him for an article that he wrote.  The article was not particularly complimentary of Chiropractic care.

The BCA won an initial court trial.  The judge ruled the Simon Singh said the chiropractors knowingly were treating children with bogus techniques.  However, this case went to the appeal court.  This court ruled that Mr. Singh was just stating his opinions on chiropractic care.  The BCA discontinued this libel lawsuit once they had lost in a court appeal.  

Here in the US, this type of libel law is new to us.  In the USA, the plaintiff has to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the statement is false before he is award any compensation.  In the UK, it is the opposite.  The defendant has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that his statements are true.  Most libel cases in the UK get settled out of court.  It is just cheaper to admit guilt.  Fighting these cases to the end cost both parties more money than just making a settlement.    

Does this libel law exist because of the bad behaviors of the tabloids, magazines, newspapers and others.  The UK media is known to be very vicious.  Is this to make the tabloids think twice before running a piece that may be false?    

In my opinion, you should be able to state your opinion without getting sued.  There are just way too many bogus lawsuits for people just living their lives.        

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