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Tylenol Has Been Recalled

Posted by Sanjib Sarkar on Thu, May 27, 2010 @ 10:47 PM

Tags: tylenol recalled, mcneil recall

  Many children Tylenol products have been recalled recently.  These products include Children's TYLENOL, Infants' TYLENOL, Children's MOTRIN, Infants' MOTRIN, Children’s ZYRTEC and  Children’s BENADRYL.  All these products are by McNeil pharmaceuticals.  They have a website dedicated to the recall.  There is a website called  They have information on how to return these medicines for a full refund.  You are not to use these medicines for consumption.

  The FDA inspected McNeil pharmaceuticals.  Upon inspection, the FDA found many issues with the way that the medicine was manufactured.  They did not meet the requirements for consumer safety.  The FDA warning letter  shows all the infractions.  They showed McNeil having poor quality control and possible contaminates into the medicines. These is simply a warning letter.

   A  homeopathy manufacturer was also warned by the FDA for having poor quality control.  Washington Homeopathic Products received a FDA warning letter in August 2009.  The FDA letters seem to be pretty similar for most violators. FDA does come down much harder on the second infraction.  If manufacturers do not start making significant changes after the first inspection, the FDA comes with the warning letter.  Most companies comply once the warning letter is received.  Washington Homeopathic has complied with all FDA requests.  McNeil pharmaceuticals is also making changes to make the FDA happy.  However, neither of these companies fixed their issues on the first inspections. I am really not sure why companies are not meeting the FDA initial requests.


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