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Homeopathy Links for the week

Posted by Sanjib Sarkar on Fri, May 16, 2008 @ 01:11 AM

Tags: Poison Ivy, Homeopathy, Allergy, Homeopathic Remedy Finder, Homeopathic Links

Here are some interesting links that I have found through out the week.


Brand New Homeopathic Remedy Finder

The homeopathic remedy software seems much more advanced than other homeopathic remedy software that I have seen. Keep in mind this software is not a replacement for a doctor. It just helps people get a general idea of where to start when they have a symptom and are looking for homeopathic solution.

News articles in the news on homeopathy

Consumer Reports

The article pretty much just states that the remedy Zicam is not really labeled homeopathic. It is pretty much put besides other hay fever relef medicine. The homeopathic label is on the medicine. Interesting that consumer report shows only one large unsuccessful homeopathic trial with in this article that was fundamentally flawed to begin with as you can read below.

European Journal of Pediatrics -

This article states that homeopathy was successful in treating kids wth ADHD. Critics point to the fact that the size of these trials are too small to state the homeopathy is effective in treating kids with ADHD. A larger study needs to be completed.

Seasonal Articles


This article is how to deal with allergies as they come on.

The homeopathic treatments are toward the bottom of the article. No specific homeopathic allergy remedies are listed due to the fact homeopathic remedies can vary depending on the region you live in

Poison Ivy

This article tells people how to deal with Poison Ivy. Best suggestion is do not get it in the first place.

The article states the best homeopathic poison ivy remedy is Rhus toxicodendron 12C or 30C. Dosage is three pellets dissolved under the tongue every 30 minutes until the symptoms subside, and then every two to four hours until symptoms are gone.

Have a great Friday and enjoy the weekend.


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