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Google Instant Search On Homeopathy

Posted by Sanjib Sarkar on Tue, Sep 14, 2010 @ 12:54 PM

Tags: instant search on homeopathy, homeopathy searches

Google has just introduced a new type of search.  This is an instant search where google fills in the search.  The search is customized to each invidual user.  Each user will get different search results.  The question becomes how will the google instant search change the user experience.

Let us do a common search for homeopathic remedies.  This is what happens now.  As you are typing this long tail key word, different results show up as I type.  I typed home which show home depot and things not relevant to the search.  I keep typing though.  I type homeopath which actually shows me all of the search results for homeopathy. I further type homeopathic which gives me search results for that word.  I finish typing homeopathic remedies which gives me the final results.  I typed one word but I received the relevant results for homeopathy and homeopathic before I received the search results for homeopathic remedies.

I am not sure if this instant search really helps the user that much.  If I wanted results on homeopathy and homeopathic, I would have typed that in.  I am also seeing more local business on my searches.  Google is pointing me to local homeopaths in my area as I type for homeopathy and homeopathic.  This is good if you are looking for a homeopath in your area.

I did another search on kali phosphoricum. I got search results form kali which was not relevant.  I did get good search results from kali phos.  This is pretty much what I needed.  In the future, searches need to be optimized for abbreviated items since instant search will automatically show these.  I finished the phrase to get my final search results.  Once I received the results from kali phos, I did not really need to finish my search.

Google has stated the instant search will not change google pay per click and organic search listings that much.  However, it will be difficult to gauge search rankings since every user will get different results on their search.

Tell us what you think of the google instant search.  Has it made a difference when you are searching for things?  Have you noticed more local results?

Searching for homeopathy on Google

Posted by Sanjib Sarkar on Thu, Sep 02, 2010 @ 01:31 PM

Tags: Homeopathy Trials, homeopathy searches

This article will focus on proper ways to search for homeopathy information on the google search engine.  You will get more out of the search if you follow these tips on the search.

  For example of a search is using explicit search.  I look for homeopathic trials.  In google, I put "homeopathic trials" in the search.  The double quotes make this explicit.  I received content with the words on homeopathic trials.  

Now, I want a more specific search.  The Homeopathic trials were too generic.  I put in the search "Homeopathic Trials" + "Double Blind".  I now get double blind homeopathic trials in my search.

I also needed some documents on homeopathic trials for the research that I was doing.  I put this in the search.  "homeopathic trials" filetype:doc.  This gives all microsoft word documents on homeopathic trials.

This is a common search for me.  I want to get information on homeopathy but I want to exclude all of things related to homeopathy as being quackery.  I put into the search "Homeopathy"-"Quackery".  I get the information on homeopathy omitting all the quackery.   

Looking for a definition of a remedy.  Type define:ruta graveolens.  This will give you a basis information on ruta without overwhelming with too much information.  

You can you these simple search tips to get more effective information on homeopathy without getting overwhelmed with information or getting incorrect information.

Tell us your search tips in the comments on finding information.

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