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Effects Of Homeopathy In Weight Loss

Posted by Sanjib Sarkar on Wed, Sep 17, 2008 @ 02:25 AM

Tags: Homeopathy Weight Loss

Power Point Presentation On A Homeopathy Weight Loss Trial

  Above is a link to a series of power point slides discussing a trial testing homeopathic medicine for weight loss.  We will summarize the power point presentation below.

This is a trial to find out if homeopathy promotes more weight loss than a placebo.

  The product used was weight control by Dolisos.  This product is no longer available.  However, it was a combination of the following single remedies.

Anacardium orientale
Antimonium crudum
Calcarea carbonica
Nuv Vomica

  35 patients were in the trial, 30 completed the trial.  This was a 4 week trial to see if homeopathy promotes weight loss.  It was a double blind placebo trial.

At the end of 4 weeks,  body measurement between the placebo group and homeopathy group showed no difference.

  Patients in the homeopathy group reported more exercise than the placebo group.  The daily questionnaire filled out by the homeopathy group showed better quality of life than the placebo group. 

  In conclusion, the homeopathic product did not show that it promoted weight loss.  However, an interval of one month maybe too short to draw a conclusion.  The product did show that the homeopathy group was exercising more and living a better quality of live than the placebo group.  

   A larger study with a longer time interval would help to determine if homeopathy may help with weight loss.

  Trial provided by Dr. Mike Smith, a homeopathic doctor with Carolinas Natural Health Center.

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