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Homeopaths Without Borders Revisited In Haiti

Posted by Sanjib Sarkar on Fri, Oct 15, 2010 @ 12:51 AM

Tags: homeopathy in haiti, homeopathy without borders

Homeopaths Without Borders went on some initial missions to Haiti when the first earth quake struck.  The homeopaths were meet with open arms.  The patients were treated with homeopathy for minor ailments such as burns, cuts, bruises, allergies and other things where surgery was not required.  Many patients were treated and help with homeopathic treatment. Medical doctors in Haiti was pleased to have the homeopaths treat the less critical patients.  Medical doctors had the opportunity to help treat the critically ill.  

The situation in Haiti has improved.  Hopital Francais, a private hospital in Haiti, said they no longer need homeopaths to treat thousands of patients as they did last time. Haiti still has hundred of thousands of people living in tents so medical care for people is still necessary.  Haiti is completely dependent on foreign donations for survival.  A new team of homeopaths went to Haiti in July.  This team went to help patients with medical care needs at St. Vincent's hospital for handicapped children.  Currently children and adults are housed here. 

Homeopaths without borders is looking to train Haitians to treat themselves with homeopathy.  There is a plan to establish a homeopathic clinic in Haiti.  Homeopathy training would be available to Haiti nurses to treat conditions that homeopathy can treat. 

This mission was less critical than the previous one but just as important.  Homeopathy can help Haiti become self sustainable in health care.  There will be continued care at Saint Vincents hospital on a rotating basis as well.  Continued education on homeopathy will be happening as well at medical institutions in Haiti.

Homeopathy In Haiti Criticized

Posted by Sanjib Sarkar on Thu, Apr 22, 2010 @ 04:43 PM

Tags: homeopathy in haiti, homeopathy without borders

  I am seeing quite a bit of posts by skeptics attacking homeopaths in Haiti.  A group of homeopaths belonging to the group called Homeopaths without borders went to Haiti in February to help the Haitian population.  One scientist called this group Quackery Without Scruples.  Another scientist called Homeopathy will hurt people in Haiti.  They say homeopaths giving medical advise instead of doctors will hurt the Haitian people.  Another skeptic was criticizing the group because they had to travel to the Dominican Republic before reaching Haiti.  He said this group was so mismanaged that they could not even travel to the Haiti airport.  

  Being critical of homeopathy is a person's right to do.  This practice is not proved or disproved in large medical trials.  However, I think it is just despicable to say homeopaths are going to Haiti with the purpose to harm people with their quackery or they are mismanaging resources that people have given them to help the people of Haiti.  

  The lead homeopath for homeopaths without borders is a medical emergency room doctor.  Dr. Nancy Eos has 30 years of plus experience with emergency room care.  Her group never dealt with serious injuries or amputees.  The group set up two tents beside the clinic.  They had treated 2000 patients in 3 days.  The homeopaths were treating the walking and wounded.  The homeopaths were well received. No one has complained about their homeopathic treatment to date.  The hospital staff and the people of Haiti were very receptive to the team of homeopaths.  They treated things ranging from burns, physical trauma and injuries, fear, dizziness, headaches, urinary tract infections, eye problems and dehydration. 

Below is the picture of Haiti outside the medical clinic.

Haiti Clinic

  Other trips are planned to Haiti.  A free homeopathy clinic is in the process of being setup to help the people of Haiti.  An update on the March mission will be put up shortly.

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