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Homeopathy on Bing

Posted by Sanjib Sarkar on Tue, Sep 21, 2010 @ 12:59 AM

Tags: homeopathy on bing, single remedy searches on bing

microsoft bing

Rewriting microsoft search engine has worked to a certain extent. Bing has taken over yahoo as the second most popular search engine on the Internet according to the Nielsen Company.  Bing now occupies 13.9% searches on the Internet with yahoo share being 13.1%.  Google holds about 65%.

Going through our logs over the past several years.  Hmedicine has see much more Bing usage.  Three years ago, Google generated about 60% of our traffic.  Yahoo generated 10%.  MSN traffic was 2.3%.  Now the traffic has not changed to much as far as Google and Yahoo goes.  Google is still 60% of our website traffic.  Yahoo is 10%.  Bing has jumped incredible to 8%.  In three years, they have more than tripled the amount of traffic coming to our website.

The two main words that people find our site is Bing is homeopathic medicine and homeopathic remedies. I have seen some other searches on single remedies such as coffea crudea lead to traffic as well.  The homeopathy user community seems to be adopting this search engine to a certain extent. Many people believe Bing search results will mirror Google a few years from now.  Bing is going the route of the way Google use to be.  They are making their searches global and not customized.  Bing search engine is open so people can extract information from it easily.  Bing also now powers yahoo search.  There is no point in using both search engines since they are giving the exact same results.

Do you see Bing catching up with Google?  Can their growth continue?  Have you had good results with Bing or do you find the searches on Google more accurate? 

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