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Voice of Young Science Discredits Homeopathy

Posted by Sanjib Sarkar on Mon, Sep 21, 2009 @ 01:15 AM

Tags: Homeopathy in Africa, WTO condemns homeopathy

  Homeopathy is under attack once again by the Voice Of Young Science.  This is a charity group in the UK that says that homeopathy should not be used in Africa to help people with life threatening diseases in Africa.

  The group says all their data is research and trial based.  They say there are no such trials that exist that say homeopathy can treat life threatening diseases. However, recent trials suggest that homeopathy medicine was as effective as conventional medicine in treating malaria.  These trials are small and larger trials are needed.  Trials certainly seem to be on homeopathy side for malaria. 

  This group has many scientific donors as well as pharmacetical companies.   They tout evidence base medicine as the really only effective medicines for treatment.  This group does not realize that many conventional medicines on the market today would not pass placebo based testing.  

  The group issued a letter to the press media that the WTO officially condemns homeopathy and says that it has no merit in the world of medicine.  They say the WTO condemns homeopathy for treating malaria, tuberculousis, diarrhea and other diseases in developing countries in Africa.  BBC picked up this press release and send it out to the world.  WTO did not make this official announcement.  BBC did recant their press release but the information did go out to the general public.

  Millions of people die each year in Africa because they have no access to prescription drugs.  They are essientially left with no option except to die.  Homeopathy is cheap and readily avaiable.  There is no reason why homeopathy can not reach the poor people who need it.  

  Homeopathy is making a significant impact in Africa.   In Kenya, the homeopathic Abha Light Foundation operates twenty health clinics, various mobile offices and even a couple of HIV/AIDS centers.  The results of these clinics have been tremendous.  Malaria results with homeopathy have been well received by patients.  Other homeopathic clinics are working in Botswana and Tanzania to help people that do not have access to proper healthcare.

Homeopathy is having an impact in Africa.  Attacks on homeopathy are usually a positive thing.  Homeopathy is being attacked because drug companies see this type of alternative medicine as being a threat to their profits. 

Homeopathy does need significantly more research and funding.  The positive results of the African clinics suggests more research should be done.  Homeopathy can ideally work together with modern medicine to help people live a longer and better life.  


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