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Google Trends and Homeopathy

Posted by Sanjib Sarkar on Wed, Dec 24, 2008 @ 01:50 AM

Tags: Homeopathy, Google Trends

  Google trends is an interesting tool that shows the search volume on certain words over a period of time.  Google trends tries to predict searches on these words in the future.  Keep in mind that this is a guess.  Google trends is by no means 100% accurate.  The data given is just an assumption on searches for the particular word.

   I am going to look at the word homeopathy search volume and try to figure out what these numbers mean.


  As you can see from the graph, 2004 had significantly more searches than 2008 on the word homeopathy.  Each year from 2004 showed less searches than the following year.  The trend is showing fewer searches in the future to almost none.

  I also ran google trends on alternative medicine, natural products, accupuncture, herbs and each of these were also showing a downward search trend.  

  People that searched on homeopathy in the past, may likely be searching on more specific information in the future.  This may help explain the trend.  The chances of no one searching homeopathy 10 years from now is very unlikely.  I think you will see more people searching specifically on homeopathy products and remedies in the future and forgo the general search.

   An interesting Google trend is the US economy.   

  Notice how the there was an extreme spike in September 2008 for the word US economy.  There was also another spike at the beginning of 2008 to suggest something was going wrong.  There was pretty much a downward trend until a small upward spike followed by a much larger spike.  The trend would suggest that something major has happened when there is a large spike in Google trends.  

  The trends in homeopathy should not alarm anyone.  All alternative medicines seem to be following the same search engine trends.   An upward spike in a downward trend would suggest something is very wrong when analyzing Google trends.

  What did you think the search engine trends in homeopathy mean?  Do you see in the future no one searching for homeopathy as the trend suggests?  Why are all alternative medicines trending down?

  I look forward to hearing your comments.

I would also like to mention happy holidays to all our blog subscribers and readers.





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