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The Homeopathy Golden Remedy Calendula

Posted by Sanjib Sarkar on Wed, Sep 15, 2010 @ 10:11 PM

Tags: calendula, homeopathic uses fo calendula

Calendula Plant

Calendula plant

Calendula officinalis is known as Pot Marigold because of its goldish petals and for its varied use. This plant is widely cultivated and can be grown easily across the world. It is also commonly used in cooking as both a flavoring and coloring agent in soups, cheeses, garnish and as homeopathic medicinal herb in Roman, Arabic and Indian cultures.


The use of Callendula comes from its gold petals and pollen because it contains antibacterial, antioxidants, and antiseptic properties. Calendula is a great homeopathic antiseptic. Germs cannot thrive in the presence of Calendula. It is used for painful wounds, un-healing wounds, gaping wounds, neglected wounds, and torn wounds.  Calendula prevents early scab formation at the wound site and stimulates the growth of skin and helps to stop scars. It also promotes healing after dental work.

Calendula is the gold in homeopathic remedy because the whole plant has many uses starting from petals to pollen and leaves and branches is essential. Calendula has been used medicinally for centuries. The extracts prepared from them are used in hundreds of products such as soothing teas lotions, for antisepsis, chapped skin, tooth aches, and insect repellent. The extracts contain soaps and essential oils therefore it can be used in creams and ointments to soothe skin and sprained muscles. Furthermore, the leaves and stems also contain Vitamin A.

Apart from many uses it is also has importance in cancer therapies. Medical evidence was shown by a study done in women receiving radiation therapy to the breast for breast cancer reports that calendula ointment applied to the skin at least twice daily during treatment reduces skin irritation, redness, and pain. In women it was also shown to give soothing relief during and after delivery.

In summary, Calendula is wonderful to have around the house in many forms, as a cream, in tincture, ointment form due to its varied uses.  It is definitely gold of homeopathic remedies.

Homeopathic Remedies For Scars

Posted by Sanjib Sarkar on Sat, Sep 11, 2010 @ 01:24 AM

Tags: calendula, homeopathic remedies for scars

Scars are a common occurrence for most people.  Many wounds do leave a scar mark.  While most scars are not life threatening, they certainly do not look attractive.  We are going to list some homeopathic remedies below that you should use to prevent scarring if you have a  cut.  Keep in mind if the cut is too deep, stitching maybe needed to prevent scaring. 

Calendula is the most popular homeopathic remedy for scars.  This remedy is generally applied as an ointment.  Calendula can also be applied as an oil or mother tincture.  The remedy can also be taken in pills to help prevent or lessen the scars.  Calendula is usually applied to small cuts.

Graphites is used to treat scars from skin issues such as acne or eczema.  Graphites helps heal the skin back from the disease state that it was in.  Graphites ointment or creams are often mixed with calendula to help with the skin disease and heal the cut. 

Causticum is a treatment for burn scars.  After the burn happens, causticum tablets should be taken immediately.  Causticum is not readily available in an ointment or cream form.  Causticum can be applied to the skin in liquid form.

These are the main remedies in homeopathy to treat scars.  They should be taken topically as an ointment or mother tincture in a 1X form if possible.  If they are taken orally, choose a 6C potency.

Please list some other remedies to treat scars in the comment section.  I have just listed a few.  I am sure everyone wants to know what other remedies are out there.

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