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Tips To Beat The Summer Heat with Homeopathy

Posted by Sanjib Sarkar on Mon, Jun 21, 2010 @ 09:04 PM

  The summer is upon us.  This may be one of the hottest summers on record.  Many people have heat stokes and other heat related illnesses.  These tips should help you survive the heat.


1)  Drink plenty of water.  

  Water will keep you hydrated.  Drink at a minimum 8 cups a day.  Also keep some water with you at all times.

2)  Stay out of the sun at peak heat times

  The sun rays are strongest around 12pm-3PM.  Stay indoors during this time to avoid the sun.

3)  Use a natural sunblock to protect your skin.

  Make sure to get a natural sunblock.  Avoid sunblock with oxybenzone.  Apply sunblock even if you are not in the sun for too long.

4)  Take Byronia or Glonoinum in a 30C if you experience heat exhaustion.

  If you are feeling sick from the sun, get into a cool place if possible.  Drink some salty water or gatorade.  If you are feeling nausea or a headache that is caused by the slightest of movements take Byronia every 5 minutes up to 10 doses.

  If you have a hot face, sweaty skin and throbbing and splltting headache, take Glonoinum 30C every 5 minutes up to 10 doses.

  If you are still feel sick, go to the emergency room.

5)   If you do happen to burn your skin from the sun, apply calendula ointment to the burn.  This should help reduce the amount of pain from the burn.  

 6)  Treat insect stings with ledum and apis.

   Bugs come out in force during the summer months.  Everyone tries to avoid them but insects seem to sting every one.  If a sting is swollen, bruised and and painful use ledum in a 6C potency every 8 hours for 3 days.  This will help reduce the pain.  If the sting is hot, red and swollen, take apis 30C every 15 minutes up to 6 doses.


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Dr. Andrew Lockie and Dr. Nicola Geddes

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