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Homeopathy May No Longer Be Covered in Germany

Posted by Sanjib Sarkar on Tue, Jul 13, 2010 @ 02:08 AM

    Homeopathy which was invented in Germany by physician Samuel Hannaheman.  He came up with the idea because he was fed up with the medicine that he would have to give to patients.  Often times, the medicines given to patients would do more harm than good.  He came up with this idea of like cure like.  The medicines would have no side effects and be diluted so that it would not harm the person. This type of alternative medicine has flourished all over the world.  Homeopaths can be found through out all of Europe. 

Homeopathy is very popular in German.  Half of state insurers in Germany cover treatments.  Germany is also facing a health care crisis.  Germany will not be able to cover their health care costs.  They are looking to cut anything that they deem not to work.  

Karl Lauterbach, the centre-left Social Democrats’ chair on the Bundestag health committee, has said insurers should not use public money to pay for homeopathic treatments.  The director of federal joint committee for doctors and insurers, Rainer Hess, stated that Germany should not pay for unproven medical treatments such as homeopathy.

homeopathic medicine

  However, politicians in Germany have prevented any legislation from passing to prevent treatments for now. The leader of the German medicines assessment body, Jürgen Windeler, says proof in homeopathy is well documented.  No more proof is required to deem this treatment as effective. 

The cost is also very minimal.  Removing homeopathy from the German health care system will not solve the health care crisis for Germany.  Medicines are very cheap and cost effective.  Pharmacetical drugs are 10 times the cost.



Homeopathy Targeted In Debate On Health Care Spending


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