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Homeopathy Remedy Hunt In The US

Posted by Admin on Thu, Jul 22, 2010 @ 04:40 PM

homeopathic store fronts

   Homeopathy is not as popular in the US as it is through out Europe.  However, it is still a 2 billion dollar industry.  Single remedies are definitely hard to find in the US.  Combinations medicines are much easier to find.  In this blog entry, we are looking to see where we can find homeopathic remedies.

The picture above shows the popular store fronts that I went to in search of homeopathic medicines.  These are national stores. Most of them can be found through out the country. 

I went into the GNC inside the mall.  This is a mini GNC.  Larger stores may have more selection of homeopathic products. I did not find any single remedy products.  I found a bunch of Hylands combination remedies such as Nerve Tonic, Leg Cramps, Calms Forte and Arnica ointment.  I also found BHI traumeel and Bach rescue remedies.  The most surprising discovery was GNC had their own manufactured homeopathy products.  They had their own GNC homeopathic nerve tonic as well as their own Arnica.

The next store I went to was Vitamin Shoppe.  I was expecting to find quite a bit of homeopathy here since it a health food store.  I was disappointed with the single remedy selection.  They had many of the most common single remedies in a 6x, 6c, 30x, 30c potency.  They also had all the homeopathy cell salts in a 6X.  There were no other potencies.  The single remedies were only in a small size.  I was really astonished how much homeopathic combination medicines were available. They had pretty much every combination product from Hylands, Boiron, Nelsons, Similiasian, king bio and natur bio.  They also had some brands that I was not familiar such as Dent tox, and Vaxa. 

The next store was cvs pharmacy.  No single remedies to be found here.  I did not find any homeopathy products other than cold remedies.  These included Boiron products such as oscillococcinum, cold calm, sinusalia and Zicam cold products such as cold remedy and sinus relief.  I was also shocked to see CVS making their own version of oscillococcinum.

The final store was Walmart.  No single remedies but quite a few homeopathic combinations remedies were found.  Hylands had the most combination products.  I found teething, calms forte, ear drops, nerve tonic, restless legs, children cough syrup.  Other brands included  Similisian eye drops and ear drops, Zicam allergy, Zicam cold relief and Zicam congestion and Boiron oscillococcinum.  Walmart had homeopathic remedies pretty much scattered through the store.  The other stores that I visited had a section for homeopathy or the remedies were in one area.

  In conclusion, homeopathy combinations seem to be available through many US store fronts.  Some stores offer large selections than others.  Single remedies are hard to find in the US.  They are not as readily available as the combination products. 

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