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Pets Are Having Success With Homeopathy Treatment

Posted by Sanjib Sarkar on Wed, Dec 08, 2010 @ 04:46 PM

homeopathy for pets

Homeopathy is one of the leading alternative type of medical treatments for humans.  This alternative type of medicine is now being used by vets as well.  Many dog and cat owners say homeopathy treatments work for their pets.  Horses and other type of animals also have claimed success using homeopathic treatments.  Homeopathy provides a cost effective way to treat pets compared to allopathic medicine.  Little information is available about homeopathic treatments for pets.  A new UK survey hopes to fix this issue. 

A UK survey was done treating pets with homeopathy.  The survey found that dogs and cats were helped by this type of alternative type of medicine.  This was a clinical outcomes study.  UK survey collected data from 1500 dogs and 400 cats from various homeopathic vet surgeons.  Common conditions include dermatitis, renal failure, overgrooming, arthritis and hyperthyroidism were treated with homeopathic medicine.  Owners supported a success rate of 68% for dogs.  63% was the success rate for cats. 

The results from this survey was quite impressive.  Animals are not know to have placebo effects.  Authors concluded that trials in homeopathy for dogs and cats should be conducted after this study.  There are no homeopathy trial studies with cats and dogs at this point.   




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