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Homeopathy Links of The Week Ending 09-21-08

Posted by Sanjib Sarkar on Fri, Sep 19, 2008 @ 06:27 PM

Homeopathy Links of the Week 

From Poison to Pill Homepathic Medicine Dilutes Some of Nature's Nastiest-and Nicest Ingredients to Treat Ilness and Pain.

  This talks how homeopathy has helped people with many ailments.   Cancer, type 1 diabetes and low thyroid are some of the conditions that homeopathy cannot treat.  Most research points to homeopathy working.  Some critics point out that homeopathy has never proven to be conclusively effective for any single medical condition.

Can water remember??? 

  This article talks about recent research on water memory.  The research is promising but not conclusive.  More research needs to be done on water memory.  The article also talks about French Scientist Jacques Benveniste who showed water had a memory in an experiment.  However, it was later proven that this trial had issues and researcher bias.

Patient satisfaction and side effects in primary care: An observational study comparing homeopathy and conventional medicine

  This news article talks about a trial comparing homeopathy patients to conventional medicine patients.  They sent a customer survey to see how satisified people were with the treatments that they received.  The survey showed the homeopathy group was much more satisified with respect to health status, the treatment they received  and the side effects that they felt.

100 Best Herbs For Your Health 

  Talks about 100 best herbs for your health.  Many of these herbs have homeopathic preparations.  This just gives you a summary of some of the herbs that can be used to treat your health problems. 

    Send us your news about homeopathy or alternative health.  It may get posted on to our blog on the links of the week if it is interesting, accurate and informative.  You can also add some more interesting homeopathy news in the comments section.

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