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Homeopathy In Africa

Posted by Sanjib Sarkar on Thu, Jan 29, 2009 @ 07:19 PM

  I was going through some homeopathy blogs online.  I found a very interesting one that I wanted to comment on.  The blog is Jeremy's Journal From Africa. Well known  homeopath, Jeremy Sherr, with his family is in Tanzania to help treat people suffering from Aids, Tuberculouis and Malaria. Jeremy spent almost 10 years trying to acquire money for aids research and homeopathy.  There is plenty of money for aids research.  However, the mention of homeopathy seemed to close any chance of getting research money.  Jeremy decided to go to Africa to help people since he was not receiving the funding that he hoped for.  The homeopath believes homeopathy may be useful in Africa since it is affordable for most people.  Many people can not afford pharmaceutical drugs in Africa because of the high costs.

  The skeptic community has discovered what he is doing in Africa.  They were quite critical of his work. He was accused of telling current patients not to take allopathic drugs. However, the homeopath has said he has never told anyone to stop taking their current medication.  Homeopathy was never offered as an alternative to allopathic drugs.  He is also not involved in any research at the moment.  This contrary to what skeptics and big pharmaceutical are saying.   If there was research to be done, the trials would be of the highest quality and highly ethical.   

   Skeptics called his work dangerous and deillusional.  Jeremy replied back by saying big pharmaceuticals were not getting enough medicine to the people and these medicines did not cure the problems.

  So far, the homeopaths results have been impressive. His lastest journal entries seem to suggest improvement in his patients.  A current patient with reoccuring Tuberculouis has been treated with Mercurius Solubilis 30C.  After one week of taking this remedy, the patient is significantly better.  Many of the patients symptoms have gone away all together.

  Another patient with aids has been experiencing malaria attacks.  She feels terrible and has had some major headaches with terrible body aches and pain.  After one month of treatment with Androctonus 12C daily, the patient showed significant improvement.  The terrible headaches were gone.  The patient felt significantly better than before.   

Jeremy definitely want to thank  big pharmacetical companies and skeptics.  They have made his work get into the news.  His blog and work is becoming popular thanks to the hysteria created when they found out about his work.

  You can read Jeremy's blog with the link below.

Why is big pharma not providing enough medicine in Africa?  If they are not providing enough medicine, why are they against someone coming in to offer an alternative solution.  Anything is better than nothing.   

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