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Homeopathy May Ease Cancer Therapies

Posted by Sanjib Sarkar on Fri, Apr 17, 2009 @ 05:30 PM

  A new study by the Cochrane collaborative shows the homeopathy may ease radiotherapy and chemotherapy when used.  Eight studies with a total of 664 participants were included in the studies.  Three studies were deemed high quality by the researchers. 

  Studies were used  by researchers to evaluate whether homeopathy eases cancer therapies.  Calendula ointment was found to reduce dermatitis in people going under radiotherapy.  Traumeel S was used effectively as a mouthwash to reduce painful mouth sores in patients receiving chemotherapy.  Researchers also found that the homeopathy remedies do not interfere with cancer treatment at all.  Some homeopathic treatments showed no different than a placebo in treating menopausal symptoms brought on by cancer treatment.     

  The cochrane collaborative acknowledges that these trials are small and vary in quality.  More testing is necessary to verify these claims.   Most studies analyzed were not of high quality.

   The studies that show promise are not highly diluted homeopathic remedies.  These remedies are less diluted than many homeopathic remedies commonly used in practice. 

  Are lower dilution homeopathy medicine more effective than higher potency remedies?   Do you see any of these homeopathy remedies will be used in mainstream medicine if they continue to test effectively?

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