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Skeptical Scientists Baffled By Homeopathy Results

Posted by Sanjib Sarkar on Tue, Jun 30, 2009 @ 05:19 PM

  Skeptical scientists were observing a trial with homeopathic histaminum.  The trial was to determine if a diluted histaminum would have any effects on blood cells in the body.  Four trials were done to see if the dilute histaminum would have any effect.  The histaminum was diluted more than Avagardo's number so the assumption is that no way could this medicine have any effect on any blood cells.  Four trials were done to see if this dilute histaminum would affect blood cells.  Also four trials showed an effect on the blood cells. 

  Scientists concluded that there seems to be an effect with this scientific studies.  However, scientists cautioned that more trials need to be done to reproduce this phonemena.

  Scientists say if these results would hold true that the law of physics would need to be rewritten.  They still hold their skepticism but their minds are opening up a little bit more.

  Are there are scientific trials that show homeopathy works that are well done?  I know there were some other trials in France that showed homeopathy to work scientifically.  However, these trials were later proved to be false and tainted.  

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